PL Risk Helping Hands

PL Risk Helping Hands

The name of our charity committee is PL Risk Helping Hands. Our team values giving back to the community. Every year, our committee partners with various organizations worldwide to do what we can to show our concern for those who might be struggling with different issues. We enjoy taking time each year to participate in a number of charitable events to give back in whatever way we can.

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PL Risk Helping Hands

Now, PL Risk is entering a new chapter of service, working with charitable organizations in and around the greater New York City metro area and across the nation. PL Risk founder Mike Smith created PL Risk Helping Hands in 2018 for the express purpose of giving back to the communities and the people who have helped us achieve our success. Each year, our committee partners with organizations worldwide to help support charitable events. We believe in sharing our time, our finances, and our effort to help in any way we can. By partnering with charitable organizations in this way, our work allows them to flourish, providing valuable services to those who may need it most.

Partner Organizations of PL Risk Helping Hands

In 2018, PL Risk Helping Hands was honored to support the charitable works of numerous local, regional, and national organizations. Through fundraising efforts and by partnering with these organizations to host charity events, we have been able to help change lives for the better. We value our work with charitable organizations and look forward to new challenges in the coming years. Here are some of the many organizations PL Risk Helping Hands has partnered with:

Anderson Center for Autism – founded in 1924, the Anderson Center serves over 200 children and adults with autism in its residential facility in New York. The organization also works with community agencies and school districts to provide support and training for caregivers of those with autism or related developmental disabilities.

Autism Speaks – as a nationally-recognized advocacy association for those with autism, Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions for individuals and families. The organization has made great strides in improving awareness of autism and related disabilities, advancing research, and pursuing strategies to help those with autism overcome challenges.

Fight 4 Autism—based in New Jersey and founded by the mothers of individuals with autism, Fight 4 Autism is a leading advocate for the disorder. The organization works with individuals and families alike, helping to fund respite care, medical, and therapeutic expenses that improve the quality of life for those afflicted with autism and related developmental disorders.

Shatterproof—Shatterproof’s motto is “Stronger than Addiction”. This organization was founded by the parent of an addict who lost his life. Shatterproof has the mission of building a national network of advocates who treat addiction the way it should be: as a chronic disease for which help is available. The group provides resources for addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery for people across the country.

Alzheimer’s Association – In 1980, the Alzheimer’s Association was launched. Today, the national organization has chapters in communities across the country, and serves as a leading voice for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. The organization promotes ongoing dementia research and support initiatives each year.

CUMAC – this organization works diligently to alleviate hunger and its root causes in communities throughout New Jersey. Starting from humble beginnings, the organization provides a vast array of services to the underprivileged, including meals for over 2500 people each month. The group’s team of volunteers have donated countless thousands of hours each year to help others.

The Friendship Circle – dedicated to helping children and young adults with special needs, The Friendship Circle is a Michigan-based organization that has helped thousands of people live richer lives. By creating friendships that transcend needs, the organization has made a positive difference over the past three decades, and will continue to do so thanks to the efforts of financial supporters and a team of caring volunteers.