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Common D&O Myths

Common D&O MythsDirectors and Officers, or board members, are the backbone for a variety of industries including nonprofit organizations, public companies and the private sector. While there are some misconceptions about the insurance needed for each sector to reduce Directors and Officers Liability, it’s important to note that companies are not required to have shareholders to be eligible for getting sued. Here are some common myths about the coverage and how important it is for these professionals to be protected.

What is Directors and Officer’s Insurance?

According to Novick..

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Professional Liability Risks for Nonprofits

Professional Liability Risks for NonprofitsProfessional Liability Risks for Nonprofits

Nonprofits were hit hard by the recession. During 2005 to 2010, private charitable contributions fell by nearly 10 percent (after adjusting for inflation). In short, people just didn't have the money to give. And while it’s starting to rise, charitable donations remain significantly below pre-recession levels.

Celebrity nonprofits are a double edged sword. A recognizable name brings a huge visibility to a cause, but it also ties the nonprofit directly to the celebrity’s reputation. When Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted to doping during his..

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