Requesting a Loss Run

Requesting a Loss Run

We can provide you with a loss run to provide to the insurance company during the renewal process. You . To facilitate the loss run request, please be sue the information below is provided. We will deliver these reports to you as soon as possible, but turnaround time can vary depending upon the carrier.

The following information is required for all requests, for each year requested:

  • Correct Insured Name (including DBAs)
  • Correct Policy Number
  • Correct Policy Effective Dates

Please send your Loss Run requests via email, or via fax at 201-847-9174. You can also send it to us via post. Please make sure to include your full contact information including name, phone number, email address and fax number in addition to the information listed above.

If you are not a PL Risk producer on the account, we require a request on the insured’s letterhead be sent to us. Loss runs will only be sent to the producer making the loss run request, not directly to the insured.