PL Risk Helping Hands to Attend Shatterproof Walk

By Drew M Smith

PL Risk Helping Hands is getting ready for its participation in the annual Shatterproof 5K Walk in New York City. For the past several months, members of the team and their fellow coworkers have been raising money and awareness towards the walk, with a goal of raising $10,000 for this charity. On September 25th, three weeks before the walk, PL Risk exceeded that goal.

Shatterproof is an organization was founded by Gary Mendell whose son tragically took his own life after a short life of addiction. Gary’s mission is to eliminate the stigma of addition so that the issue can be discussed and brought to the forefront as an illness not something in the shadows.

Last year 60,000 people in this country died of opioid overdose or addition. To put that in context that is as many people in one year as died in the entire Vietnam War. Gary’s organization has been instrumental in getting legislation passed that requires ambulance drivers to have Naloxone which is a drug that can save overdose victims. Many people who died could have been saved if this drug was standard. They also have helped pass other legislation such as good Samaritan laws and mandatory prescription monitoring laws.

Christine DeFelice, a member of PL Risk Helping Hands has been at the forefront of their effort to help this cause. “Shatterproof is dedicated to ending the stigma of addiction and help the families affected,” She said. “1 in 3 people are affected in some way by the opioid crisis, including some of our fellow staff. We hope to continue to support this cause going forward.

Click Here for more information, to donate, join the walk or learn more information about this organization

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