Why Your Clients Need Commercial Crime Insurance

Why Your Clients Need Commercial Crime InsuranceWhy Your Clients Need Commercial Crime Insurance

Are your clients aware that commercial property loss occurs more often due to crime-related incidents than any other cause? Employee theft is considered to be one of the largest vulnerabilities of commercial crime. However, this is not the only crime-related exposure that your business clients face. Below are some incidences that show why your client needs commercial crime insurance.

Forgery or Alteration. One of the most common losses experienced by business is loss from forgery or alteration of checks, drafts, documents, etc.

Theft of money, securities, or property. Commercial Crime Insurance helps protect your client against theft and damages caused by their customers or outside parties.

Computer fraud. Cyber Liability Insurance covers your client financially against claims made due to the loss of customer data. However, Commercial Crime Insurance protects against the loss of money or other property resulting directly from the use of any computer to fraudulently cause a transfer of that property from inside the business premises.

Customer’s property. This type of insurance policy protects your client financially if there is a theft of their customers’ money or other property by an outsider or by an employee.

These are just a few incidences in which your client would need Commercial Crime Insurance. In situations where employee dishonesty is to blame for the crime, Employment Practices Liability insurance may be more appropriate. We invite you to take a look at each of our programs at PLRisk, and discover more about how we can help meet your client’s needs. Please contact us today at (855) 403-5982. 

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