Demand for Employee Satisfaction Calls for Updated HR Software

Demand for Employee Satisfaction Calls for Updated HR SoftwareAs employment practices are constantly under scrutiny and employees demand a more satisfactory work environment, new developments have become available to promote this. Kronos Inc. has recently unveiled its pilot software for improving employee scheduling, productivity, and ultimately, employee happiness. While products like these are tested and companies work to accommodate their staff, a proper EPL Insurance Program is recommended.

With the recent uproar about retail giants using inconsistent and unfair scheduling tactics such as on-call and last minute shifts, this new technology seeks to combat the issue. These practices were frowned upon for the lack of employee consistently and not allowing the worker to plan for child care, school, or other work arrangements. Therefore, Kronos’ software helps managers set workers’ schedules and includes new features in its Analytics for Retail program that shows relationships between employee scheduling and financial performance, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In turn, companies are able to see the true value of their workers, rather than just viewing labor as an operating cost. As staff retention, customer experience, and sales can be improved with a more consistent schedule, the relationship between scheduling and sales is an important one.

Charles Dewitt, executive of Kronos Inc., says the software shows how metrics of scheduling equity correlate with turnover and absenteeism.  Therefore, Kronos’ provides a predictability score based on scheduling and the hours actually worked. It is also based on how consistently employees worked from week to week and how often managers changed schedules last minute, says WSJ.

Dewitt also notes that he hopes eventually to show the positive relationship between scheduling equity and sales, customer satisfaction and brand awareness. This software strives to benefit both employer and employees by providing consistent work schedules to promote the bottom line and profitability.

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