UnitedHealth Close to Proposing Merger Deal

UnitedHealth Close to Proposing Merger Deal Staying competitive is critical for success in the healthcare industry. In order to strengthen assets and business practices, Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions commonly occur to combine resources and markets to achieve such goals. As more merger and acquisition activity becomes increasingly popular, a major healthcare company has recently announced its plans to move forward with a big-budget plan.

UnitedHealth Group Inc. has made it evident that a potential merger proposal is in the works to potentially acquire Helios, a Memphis, Tennessee health insurance company. According to Lexology, talks are said to be advanced, though not complete, so it remains to be seen how Helios, which itself was formed out of the merger of two other companies, deals in workers’ compensation claims and pharmacy benefits management.

If these two companies merge, workers’ compensation benefits will be permitted to develop even further. In addition, UnitedHealthcare strives to combine resources with Optum, a similar company, Optum, to improve the sector of pharmacy management.

If the merger goes through, the deal is estimated to cost upwards of $1 billion. While this process is complex and requires sufficient planning and management of internal challenges, this merger may take an ample amount of time to be finalized.

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