Top Employment Practices Liability Concerns

Top Employment Practices Liability ConcernsTop Employment Practices Liability Concerns

Over the past year, Employment Practices Liability has been a hot topic for many employers, across all industries. With many changes occurring in the last decade including cyber risk issues as well as complying with the new requirements of the ACA, HR professionals and Benefit Advisors may find themselves faced with many issues in regards to employment practices.

So what can your business clients expect going into 2015? Two of the biggest news developments in recent months have been the allowance of medical and recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado and the bill introduced by President Obama requiring a certain amount of Paid Time Off. The marijuana development requires benefits administrators to take a look at their drug policies and ensure they review them. The PTO development may have implications for small businesses that don’t necessarily have the resources to allow for enough time off.

By not complying with the above mentioned items, employers could certain find themselves facing Employment Practices Liability risks. These aren’t the only risks though; employers will find a greater need for protecting employee privacy in the digital age, especially with the rising occurrence of data breaches and cyber hacks. Employers will also have to proceed with caution when implementing wellness programs; these programs must comply with the ADA, GINA, and FMLA.

In addition to the above mentioned risks, other employment issues that should be on the top of your clients’ minds this year include; safe driving laws for employees who drive for work, e-cigarette use in the workplace, reasonably accommodating pregnant women, and workplace violence.

At PL Risk Advisors, we understand the unique Employment Practice Liability Insurance risks you face, as well as those of your clients. Whether your client is the head of a large corporation or a small business owner, EPLI should be part of their comprehensive insurance program. To learn more about our EPLI policies as well as the other products we offer, please contact us today at (855) 403-5982.

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