“Too Young?” Building Your Insurance Agent Reputation (Part Two)

Too Young Insurance Agent ReputationIn our previous blog post, we discussed the stigma that exists around insurance agents in their 20’s; that they are “too young” to really understand the complex business and risk management needs of their clients. We looked at a few ways to potentially combat this stereotype; but those aren’t the only strategies that are out there. Brent Kelly, insurance agent and contributing writer to Insurance Business America, recommends the following approaches to Building Your Insurance Agent Reputation:

Continue Your Education. Kelly suggests broadening your insurance know-how by continuing your education; start working on your CIC, attend sales classes, and watch webinars from insurance companies in your niche.

Network. Harness the power of networking; while these events may not yield immediate leads or sales, they are a way for you to get introduced, build rapport, and make connections that may help you later on.

Make Time for Personal Development. There are not many people who cannot benefit from becoming a better listener, speaker, thinker, etc. Along with getting education in your niche, finding a way to develop your soft skills is important too.

Use Social Media. This goes back to using your young age to your advantage; if you are currently under 30, chances are you have immense knowledge of all the different social media platforms and how to reach your key audience. Social media can be used to help you connect with prospects and existing clients, engage with them, share value, and can also be used to build your brand.

Essentially, getting into the insurance industry at a young age is beneficial as it gives you plenty of time to learn the ropes and doesn’t require you to play catch-up as someone who entered the industry later in life may have to do. For more information on the niche products we offer at PL Risk, please contact us today at 855.403.5982.

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