How to Support a Positive Office Culture

How to Support a Positive Office CultureWhy is a positive office culture important? Not only does a good company culture help your clients retain and attract employees, it could also improve productivity and even potentially reduce the risks of facing a costly Employment Liability Insurance claim or perhaps even a Professional Liability or Directors & Officers claim. So just how can your clients support a positive office culture?

According to sources from Employee Benefit News, one of the worst things a company can do to ruin an office culture is to only provide negative feedback, and leave out the positive feedback. Of course mistakes will happen, and errors should always be addressed. However, constantly providing criticism instead of praise will quickly wear down on staff of any industry.

Giving credit where credit is due, and being aware of the great ideas your employees have are two more ways to support a positive office culture. Taking credit for work and ignoring staff members’ great ideas sends the message that management doesn’t care about their employees.

A common trend among millennial employees and job seekers is the desire for a good work-life balance. Employers who have the attitude of “we hired you to be here, and you must put work before anything else,” will likely find themselves with dissatisfied, unproductive employees.

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