Social Media Policies a Must to Avoid Litigation

Social Media Policies a Must to Avoid Litigation Social media lawsuits have been running rampant as of lately. From copyright infringement to libel, slander and defamation, there is no shortage of opportunity for social media to land your clients in hot water. While most of the posts aren’t intended to be malicious, there are specific requirements that all employees should adhere to. As employers, it is your client’s’ sole responsibility to provide clear and documented social media policies. However, in order to be effective, both a workplace policy and an out of workplace policy must be created. In addition, your clients need to carry a sound Employment Practices Liability policy in order to protect their operations and social media decisions.

For non-business related social media use…

It’s important to abide by the National Labor Relations Act. Next, employees should assume that every post is going to be read by someone, especially as everything on the Internet is searchable. Therefore, employees must also understand that they are personally responsible for the content they post. An employer’s social media policy should require that employees abide by the employer’s Code of Conduct and other conduct-related workplace policies (such as Anti-Harassment and equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies) while using social media sites, says Inside Counsel.

When using social media on the job…

Next, when someone is required to use social media for their job, a second policy must be developed. They must disclose who they are, their relation to the company, and own all of the content posted on behalf of your clients. Most importantly, however, is ensuring all the material posted is in compliance with the intellectual and copyright laws. If any of these laws are violated, your clients may be subjected to hefty fines and a long legal battle.
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