How to Sell Cyber Liability Insurance to Small Businesses

How to Sell Cyber Liability Insurance to Small BusinessesUnfortunately, it’s no surprise that cyber-attacks occur on a daily basis. Although large corporations tend to take the spotlight when a breach occurs, the fact is that small businesses are actually affected more frequently. Not only is private, identifiable information stolen, but the repercussions of the attack can be devastating to a small business. In order to protect your clients’ biggest investment-their business- it is imperative they have Privacy and Network Security Insurance in place. Here are a few tips on how to effectively sell this service to your clients.

  1. Review Vulnerability & Policies- Hiscox states that many small business owners are unaware of the high risk of data breaches as they believe hackers are more likely to attack a high-profile, high-revenue establishment. Conducting a risk assessment to see what data needs to remain collected and how to properly store it is the first step in determining what kind of coverage they need. Information such as credit card data can be stolen and they’d be liable for identity theft. Review current polices with your client to ensure cyber liability is not excluded.
  2. Cloud Systems do not Equal Protection- In the event of a data breach; your cloud vendor will not assume responsibility of the stolen information. Remind the client that it is up to the business to instill a protection policy.
  3. Show them Monetary Figures- According to NetDiligence, the average breach costs an estimated $733,000. The combination of legal fees, credit monitoring services, customer repayment, PR consultants, etc. adds up pretty quickly. Prompt the client that your cyber liability policy will cover all of these vendors for one low cost that will save them thousands in the long run. In the absence of insurance, one hack could bankrupt the small business just from trying to pay all of the fines.
  4. Compare Policies- Give a detailed overview of what each cyber policy offers. Have the client weigh their options while offering expert advice. Although there is no “standard” coverage policy, assist your client in finding the right policy for the right price, making sure no necessary measures are excluded.
  5. Educate your Client- As previously mentioned, there is not one specific definition of “cyber-attack,” That said, there are multiple facets that are covered by this insurance solution. Stealing or misusing personal information and denial of service is also included.

Cyber liability risks are increasingly popular as all of our business systems are inevitably moving to digital platforms. However, with the proper cyber and Professional Liability Insurance from PLRisk Advisors, your clients can rest assured knowing their business is protected. To learn more, please contact us today at (855) 403-5982.

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