Professional Liability Risks for Professors

Professional Liability Risks for ProfessorsIt goes without saying that being an educator, especially at the college level, is a rewarding career. With the right attitude, preparation, and organization, this challenging position can be a successful venture. However, this industry is not without its risks. One of the factors essential to a financially sound educational facility is the right type of insurance coverage, which starts Professional Liability coverage, designed to protect your education clients against claims of wrongdoing, negligence, defamation, or even harassment.

It’s critical to understand just how educators expose themselves to professional liability risks on a daily basis. From classroom activities to college-sponsored events, there is no shortage of opportunity for a potential lawsuit. Especially in such a litigious society, this coverage should be an essential in any educator’s portfolio. If your client is sued, would they have the financial backing to support their defense? Even if they are found not guilty, the costs of attorneys and legal fees are enough to cause concern.

While many educators believe that this insurance policy is too expensive, the truth is, they can’t afford to go without it. For example, what if a student sued them for giving a poor grade and claiming it was due to favoritism or negligence? Or, what if the educator wishes to sue the administrator as they believe they were discriminated against due to age? These common occurrences require the financial backing of a professional liability insurance policy.

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