PL Risk Helping Hands Attending Walk to Raise Awareness of Opioid Crisis

By Drew M. Smith

As part of their commitment towards charity initiatives, PL Risk Helping Hands will be participating in Shatterproof’s Rise Up Against Addiction 5K Walk in New York City on Sunday October 14th. They will be gathering donations and pledges to raise money for this incredible cause.

Shatterproof is an organization that combats the fallout of those affected by drug addiction, especially opioids. On average, 174 Americans die from overdose every day and 65,000 die every year because of drug abuse. To put that number in perspective, the Vietnam War, over the 9 years the U.S was in the country killed over 58,000 servicemen. The CDC has classified this crisis as an epidemic. Shatterproof helps individuals and families affected. They also raise awareness in the community and in the legislatures.

About Shatterproof:

PL Risk will be taking pledges and donations over the next 4 months leading up to the walk. The PL Risk Helping Hands team is expected to participate in the walk along with other members of Axis Insurance Services, LLC and PL Risk and their friends and family. Christine DeFelice, member of PL Risk Helping Hands team had this to say, “We are all in some way, whether directly or indirectly affected by this epidemic. Help us eradicate the stigma associated with drug addiction, it truly is a disease.”

PL Risk Helping Hands Team Site:

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