Nonprofits Concerned Over Cyber Liability Threats Going Into 2016

Nonprofits Concerned Over Cyber Liability Threats Going Into 2016As cyber threats become more prominent, nonprofits are concerned about becoming the next victim. As any company that uses a computer system is eligible for being a target, Privacy and Network Liability coverage is an essential component to add to the insurance portfolio.

According to Insurance Business Magazine, any non-profit or social service organization that either has a computer network, handles confidential information, or collects and transacts with personal identifiable information is at risk of a data breach. However, as nonprofits’ internal revenue structure varies from that of a traditional business, these threats are more eminent and risky.

While General Liability, Crime Insurance, and other protections may safeguard certain aspects of the business, cyber coverage is typically not included. Some examples of data breaches on nonprofits include:


  • A medical organization has a break in and an employee laptop is stolen that contained confidential and personal patient information.
  • The purse of a charity donation employee was stolen which included an encrypted tape of listed donors and their social security numbers.
  • An employee is caught selling names and addresses of Holocaust survivors to commit tax fraud.


In order to protect the business, nonprofit directors and officers should be mindful of the detriment a cyber-breach could cause. A comprehensive privacy and network liability policy can help protect operations and secure the business financially in the event of an attack.

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