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Network Security: Creating an Effective Protection Strategy

Network Security Creating an Effective Protection Strategy Network Security: Creating an Effective Protection Strategy

With the growth of the digital and technological world, cyber threats have continuously multiplied, and show no signs of slowing down. According to experts from EY, in order to get ahead and stay ahead of cybercrime, it’s important to anticipate cyber-attacks. In EY’s 17th Global Information Security Survey (GISS) this year, risk managers focused on how well organizations are managing cyber threats and what they need to do if they are to get ahead of today’s cyber criminals.

To anticipate cyber-attacks, businesses must start by creating an effective cyber security strategy. Effective cyber security is not easy to deliver, but not impossible.  Your clients must learn to adapt to the changes in the technological and digital world to avoid falling victim to a cyber-attack. The following factors are some of the biggest challenges business owners face when it comes to effectively creating a cyber security strategy.

Change. There have been various changes throughout multiple industries in recent years; new product launches, mergers, acquisitions, market expansion, and introductions of new technology. Inevitably, these changes will have an influence on the strength of a business’s cyber or network security.

Mobility. While the advent of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has arguably helped increase the productivity of employees nationwide, it’s also created challenges. BYOD could potentially cause an employee, even unintentionally, to violate rules, regulations, trust, intellectual property, and other critical business obligations.

Workplace Flexibility. Many business practices today allow for employees to work from home, even if only occasionally. Technology allows this; connecting entities, people and data no matter where they are. However, this does certainly increase the risk of cybercrime exposure.

Third Party Data Management. Programs such as the Cloud have allowed for easier storing, sharing, and technological communications overall. However this creates risks that didn’t exist before; raising questions such as “where is your data physically stored?” and “Who and how many people on the cloud vendor’s team can actually see your data?”

Being aware of these new risks and understanding that a cyber or network security strategy is needed is just the beginning for your business clients. They must also be aware of the roadblocks ahead and how to get through them, which we will discuss in a later post.

At PLRisk Advisors, our Privacy and Network Security Coverage is the solution to helping your clients manage and protect against risk. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 403-5982.

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