Should Law Firms Tailor Their Structure to Attract Millennials?

Should Law Firms Tailor Their Structure to Attract Millennials?

Should Law Firms Tailor Their Structure to Attract Millennials?Traditional ways of operating a law firm are becoming more and more dated. As the workforce is increasingly made up of millennials, the days of working a strict 9 to 5 with rigid policies are coming to an end. If your clients have not gotten on board and adapted one or any of these policies, chances are, they’re already falling behind. In this post, we’ll explore some of the needs of millennials and how big law firms can adjust to current demands. In addition, restructuring the law firm can be more beneficial to the whole team of lawyers and management. Most importantly, ensure your clients are protected with an Attorney Professional Liability Insurance policy.

Social impact.

It should come as no surprise that millennials want to influence the world they live in. Regardless of industry, they want to feel they’re giving back to their communities. Aside from providing stimulating work and challenging their employees, law firms should contemplate joining philanthropic efforts.

Open dialogue and feedback.

Law firms are notorious for throwing their employees into their work and expecting results. Millennials, on the other hand, want to have an open conversation with the direction of their career. This doesn’t mean they need constant reassurance and a pat on the back. Instead, they want a realistic look at their future.

While partnership is on the minds of some millennial associates—nearly 44 percent of millennials wanted to become partner in some capacity, according to a study by Major, Lindsey & Africa—the reality is that most associates will depart for positions in-house or other jobs outside the firm. In the meantime, they want to have an open conversation with their managers at the firm about their career paths, says


This is one of the biggest desires for millennials. However, this is not to be confused with laziness. In fact, millennials want the option to work whenever and wherever, and flexibility can be used to benefit the lawyer rather than suppress their productivity. Work-life balance is something everyone can benefit from- and flexibility can help lawyers achieve it.

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