Insurance Trends: Observing the Growth of EPLI

Insurance Trends Observing the Growth of EPLIEmployment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)  has grown exponentially over the last 25 years. While the coverage used to be an afterthought, more and more companies are seeing claims, and thus the need for coverage; even as stand-alone policies. As conventional workplace trends are changing, modified insurance techniques need to parallel the shift.

The existence of EPLI policies are commonplace for today’s businesses. A recent Insurance Journal article reported that Advisen found the following: 41 percent of companies with 1,000 or more employees, 34 percent of those with 500 to 750 employees, 23 percent of those with 200-500 employees, 32 percent of those with 50-200 employees, and 20 percent of companies with fewer than 50 employees, carry stand-alone coverage. Even with these substantial figures, the report does not cover companies that have EPLI in combination with other policies, as well.

As EPLI policies increase during economic trouble, the recent recession boosted the popularity of coverage. Experts attribute this to financial insecurity causing scrutiny and legal threat to law-abiding layoffs. What’s more, job competition and the influence of millennials are also causing more awareness for the need for EPLI. As they are less likely to stick with a company for longer than three years, millennials are more inclined to take action against an employer if they believe they are being mistreated.

However, even in the midst of economic recovery, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handled 89,000 complaints and recovered $300 million in claims in 2014. In addition, there have been plenty of media publicized disputes regarding sexism, minimum wage, and employee rights. As such, employees are much more cognizant of their legal rights.

Companies located in California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Florida are more susceptible to EPLI litigation, reports show. Therefore, employers in these states should be mindful of the potential risks.

Darryl McCallin, vice president of Rockwood Programs, Inc. suggested another approach that is leading to increased EPLI coverage. He stated “Sit down with clients, go through their policy forms together, and explain to them what coverages exist and where their exposure points are.” Therefore, by acting as a consultant for clients, knowledge converts into sales.

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