In-House Counsel: 3 Tips on Transitioning from a Firm

In-House Counsel 3 Tips on Transitioning from a FirmAs many corporate leaders are seeking to move their general counsel in-house, the structure and policies can prove to be a big transition for traditional law firm employees. In order for your clients to better serve their corporate customers, they are advised to follow these steps and equip themselves with Attorney Professional Liability.

Business Comes First

Ultimately, as in-house counsel for one company, every matter is essentially a business matter rather than a legal one. As Inside Counsel states, if in-house attorneys fail to understand the business and its risk tolerance, attorneys become out of sync with other business units and eventually obsolete to the executive team. Between the war stories and interactive exercises, in-house attorneys must stay up to date on both the constantly changing laws and the evolving company business model.

Find a Solution

As legal services aren’t cheap, in-house attorneys need to justify their decisions and operating costs to the company they serve. This means that while hired counsel provides insight only when contracted, in-house counsel must be the proactive guiding light for the company at all times. This can be accomplished through constant communication and openness with the organization.  Remember, their professional advice is required to avoid legal pitfalls and provide internal influence at all times.

Be Concise

Communication was recognized as one of the biggest struggles for in house counsel. In such an immediate and digital age, we want answers quickly. As attention spans are typically less than 10 seconds, it is paramount to give specific answers with as little rambling as possible.

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