Identifying a Cyber Attack: Breach Detection

Identifying a Cyber Attack Breach Detection

Identifying a Cyber Attack Breach Detection

The truth is, businesses aren’t quick enough at identifying cyber-attacks. Sophisticated hackers are devising more and more ways to compromise business networks, steal confidential information, and wreak digital havoc. In this article, we’ll explore the red flags that could indicate a potential breach. In addition, prepare your clients with a comprehensive Privacy and Network Security Insurance program, as it is their first line of defense.

Password activity issues.

If an employee is randomly locked out of some accounts, or their passwords indicate there has been a change without consent, this is a red flag that a potential breach has occurred or one has been attempted.

Slow network.

A hacking attempt or malware outbreak often results in spikes in network traffic that can reduce internet speed. Employees should inform the IT security department when they face substantially slower than normal network speeds, states Huffington Post.

Pop-up activity.

Safe web browsing is also a concern for businesses of all types. To prevent acquiring a virus or allowing an attacker into the network, employees should refrain from clicking on any suspicious pop-ups. Unknown pop ups can be laden with malware or spyware, so if these are constantly coming up, consult with the IT department immediately.

Updated software.

Keeping software updated is a proactive way to mitigate cyber attacks. This involves ensuring that regular patches and updates are implemented and all desktops, laptops and mobile devices are locked down with the latest cybersecurity tools. That ensures that staff are more safe and in a better position to detect and identify when a potential security attack is in progress, says the article.

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