Examining the Top Threats to Privacy and Network Security

Examining the Top Threats to Privacy and Network Security The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) performed a survey to conclude the biggest threats to corporate security. What was found was that inside hackers and vendors are the two most common extortions that are mostly overlooked by companies. To protect the firm, a Privacy and Network Security Program is critical.

David Perla, President of Bloomberg Law, stated “We’ve all seen the damage that data breaches can inflict on corporations. It’s time to go beyond the headlines to understand privacy issues at a deeper level, and the revelatory findings in this survey are a step in that direction.”

The majority of respondents claimed that the most important factor for reducing risk of a data breach was buy-in from corporate leadership, according to Inside Counsel. In addition, they cited the most significant sources of risk as employee monitoring at 35 percent and vendor management at 30 percent.

As privacy concerns change so frequently, it is imperative to stay informed as much as possible. Craig Newman, chairman of the Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP’s privacy and data security sector, states “The data security environment is changing on an hourly basis. Staying truly informed in this area requires substantial effort. Privacy attorneys will welcome any tool that’s effective in marshaling information for ourselves and our clients.”

Fortunately, Bloomberg Law has devised numerous products to assist counsel in law comparison on breach notifications, privacy, regulations, agency guidance, and more. As both inside and outside counsel play such a large role in privacy and security management, these tools are essential to a corporation’s success.

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