Educator Professional Liability Risks in Higher Education

Educator Professional Liability Risks in Higher EducationEducator Professional Liability Risks in Higher Education

Teaching, especially at the college or university level, can be one of the most challenging and rewarding professions out there. It takes a lot of preparation, organization, and good attitude to be a successful educator or to run a successful university. One of the factors essential to a financially sound educational facility is the right type of insurance coverage. This starts with professional liability coverage, which protects your education clients against claims of wrongdoing, negligence, defamation, or even harassment.

The most important thing for educators to remember about professional liability is that they expose themselves to risks in many areas; whether in the classroom or participating in college-sponsored functions. If your educator client is sued, how will they protect themselves? Even if a claim is unfounded, they will have to pay legal fees such as defense costs and lawyer fees. This is not something that is easy to pay for, especially for educators.

Many educators mistakenly believe that professional liability insurance is too expensive. However, in reality, educators can’t afford to be without this valuable insurance. Educator professional liability risks can come from a variety of different sources; a student can sue claiming that a poor grade was a result of negligence on their professor’s part, or an employee can sue the administrator of a college saying that they discriminated against them due to age when they were up for a promotion that they didn’t get.

At PLRisk Advisors, we understand that all industries carry the risk of a Professional Liability claim. We provide coverage for all classes of business, including hard-to-place risks, and offer tailored policies depending on the client and the industries they serve. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 403-5982. 

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