Drones & Real Estate: A Liability?

Drones & Real Estate: A Liability?Improving and simplifying the real estate industry is always a desire for agents. As drones provide a simple way for agents to showcase their commercial and residential listings with ease, they have been slowly incorporated into the business in recent years. However, using these unmanned machines to capture aerial images is not without its risks. In addition to protecting your clients with a Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance policy, share the following advice with them.

Now that more and more real estate agents have access to aerial photos and videos through drones, home buyers and sellers are changing the way they expect to interact with real estate listings, states RIS Media. In fact, recent MLS statistics indicated that homes sold 68 percent faster when they featured aerial drone images as opposed to traditional ones.

Therefore, hiring a professional drone photographer can be worth it in the long run. Or, if your clients prefer to take their own aerial images, ensure they are properly trained, understand the privacy and usage implications of drones, and are prepared to face legal challenges should they stray from these regulations.

If your clients choose to hire a professional to boost interest in their listings, ensure they have an FAA-Issued Commercial Drone License and are equipped with the right insurance protections and experience. Before hiring them, take a look at their resume and the images they’ve taken to see if they are qualified for the job.

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