Directors and Officers Liability: Overcoming Workplace Stress

Directors and Officers Liability Overcoming Workplace StressWhile every business has its stress factors, there are ways in which they can be reduced. In conjunction with Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, recommend these healthy habits.

Identify Source of Pressure- Even though not every source of stress is controllable, identify all of the factors and determine how they can be managed. This will bring some clarity to the situation and keep from obsessing about things that are beyond your sphere of influence, according to Inside Counsel.

Be Proactive- While not all causes of stress can be controlled, the way in which one reacts to them can be. For example, if an employee fears his or her job is at risk, experts recommend sending out resumes and feelers or even reaching out to old contacts for potential leads.

Don’t Act Impulsively- Actively work on providing thoughtful responses rather than acting out of anger or frustration. In order to contribute to employee’s success, experts recommend meditating, if possible. In a 2011 study, meditation proved to increase grey matter in the hippocampus (an area that is associated with empathy and memory), while reducing grey matter in the amygdala, (the portion associated with anxiety and stress).

Stay Organized-Prioritizing tasks and forming a plan of action to accomplish them can reduce stress and provide clarity. As a director or officer of a company, these tasks tend to pile up rapidly. Therefore, a simple to-do list will suffice that can be broken down into small, feasible portions.

Avoid Negativity-Science has proven that indulging in gossip and negative banter around the office directly correlates to disengagement and job burnout. Moreover, D&O’s play a large role in setting the standard for communication and positive influence in the workplace.

Get Outside- Enjoy a walk outside with coworkers, eat lunch outside, or carve out time to enjoy pleasant weather. Studies have shown that those who do so consistently feel less stressed out throughout the week and are more enthusiastic about work. What’s more, getting a break from the typical work environment can provide a fresh perspective.

These tips can help to deter directors and officers from added stress. While not every aspect of stress can be controlled, a proactive approach can assist in creating healthy habits and promote a more productive and positive workplace.

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