Directors & Officers Insurance: Educators Avoid Liability

Directors & Officers Insurance Educators Avoid LiabilityDirectors & Officers Insurance: Educators Avoid Liability

School administrators and teachers are responsible for the education and welfare of large groups of children. From everything from teaching to feeding, caring and nurturing the students, education professionals are involved in a wide variety of tasks. But in providing for their students, teachers, school administrators and specialists all face liability exposures in their profession.

School liability has steadily increased over the years. And as educators ascend higher in administration, the fallout costs of potential liabilities only continues to grow.

Check your school’s liability insurance. Public, private and charters schools should all have liability insurance for suits against the school and its employees, officers, trustees and volunteers. Know what is covered and what isn’t.

Have a strong documentation strategy. It may be difficult to remember the events of a particular day. Make sure you keep a schedule of events, emails and important memos. That way if an issue arises, you have the documentation needed.

Know your school’s policies and procedures. Be prepared so when events arise, you know how to handle them according to the schools written policy- they are specifically designed to protect students and education professionals.

Understand your role in reporting and investigations. As an administrator, you should review and understand your role in reporting violations of law, regulations and policy. You also may have a role to play in any potential investigations. Failing to stay abreast of these policies and procedures could result in personal liability if damages occur.

Examine your own protection. Educators face personal liability in the course of their daily work. Directors & Officers policies can help personally protect educators in the even there is an allegation that they have failed to perform their duties.

PLRisk Advisors specifically provides Directors & Officers insurance to protect against specific exposures educators face. To learn more about our D&O policy features for educators, please contact us today.

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