How is Digital Technology Affecting the Insurance Industry?

How is Digital Technology Effecting the Insurance IndustryHow is Digital Technology Affecting the Insurance Industry?

The shift to digital is not a new concept, yet the insurance industry lags behind other industries when it comes to transforming with the changes. Experts say that those agencies and carriers who fail to recognize digital disruption will be left behind, as customers will turn to those companies that improve customer experience and operational efficiency by employing a strong online presence and online marketing strategy.

Online data is essential to gaining customer insights, offering new products and services, and acquiring and retaining good customer relationships. Online business experts stress that in order to be successful in the digital age, businesses must be innovative and collaborative, offering a steady flow of information to engage their clients and prospective leads. This should be done using a variety of online resources and communities.

A transformation to digital is imperative for the insurance industry. A digital presence is crucial to attract consumers who are becoming increasingly unwilling to buy a product or service that does not provide the same levels of convenience, simplicity, and speed as equivalent products and services that have a strong online presence. It’s recommended that agents and carriers use this transformation into technology to move beyond “transactions” to “customer interactions”.

The good news for insurance agents and brokers is that these technological advances in technology can have huge benefits. In addition to helping to improve brand management and customer engagement, and online presence allows agencies to develop seamless multi-channel sales and service assistance, and develop a collaborative ‘digital workforce’ culture, helping you to harness techniques such as social media marketing and crowd-sourcing.

Your insurance products and services can be established, marketed, distributed, and underwritten in entirely new ways, thanks to the growth and development of the digital age. At PLRisk Advisors, we are aware of the technological advancements and developments that insurers face, and the data problems that may arise. In addition to helping your customer manage and protect against risk, our Privacy and Network Security coverage is designed for all classes of business, including hard-to-place risks and coverage for insurance agents and brokers. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 403-5982. 

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