The Importance of Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

The Importance of Architects Professional Liability InsuranceThe Importance of Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

It’s been almost a year since Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast, and for some coastal communities, the rebuilding has only just begun. There has been a lot of talk about elevating roadways to prevent some of the damage that was done last year. With that, many homes are being lifted as well. Of course, with these new building designs come risks for the architects that take the projects on. These architects have to face new federal regulations in regards to flood maps as well as new local zoning regulations that aren’t necessarily in line with the federal rules.

This is just one example of the potential legal risks that could be faced by your architect clients. Architects are held responsible for their designs and how well those designs hold up structurally. It’s vital that these designers understand the importance of Architects Professional Liability Insurance, since the firm they work for is only liable to a certain degree until the architect him or herself is held responsible. A lawsuit could occur over something as minor as the ceilings not being designed to standard or as serious as the architect omitting a structural component such as rebar.

In the case that an architect is faced with a lawsuit, professional liability insurance will help with the cost of the litigation. It’s simply not a good idea to be without this type of insurance when playing such a pivotal role designing people’s homes and/or commercial buildings. The important thing for your clients to ask themselves is, “Can I afford to be without professional liability insurance?”

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