Architect Liability: Handling Client Expectations

Architect Liability Handling Client ExpectationsArchitect Liability: Handling Client Expectations

Last year, we looked at the importance of architect directors and officers coverage, highlighting typical covered losses such as legal defense costs, legal representation expenses, and costs arising from extradition proceedings. Directors and officers’ risks are not the only exposures architect firms face; architects also face professional liability, or errors and omissions, exposures as part of their daily job.

When it comes to reducing their risks, architects and building designers often meet challenges by way of clients that want unattainable results for as little money as possible. These unrealistic expectations aren’t a risk though; the risk is when the architect or designer tries to fulfill those expectations and fails. There may be a few different reasons an architect will attempt to take on a project from a client like this; they might fear that not doing so will cause them to lose the client, or they may want the pride from completing such a difficult undertaking. However, trying to fulfill such expectations puts their practice at risk, legally.

So, how does an architect handle these tough client expectations? Experts suggest that the solution lies in finding out what’s driving the client before the project begins. Discovering what their vision is and working with them to achieve that vision while still remaining realistic is key to both pleasing the customer and limiting architect liability risks. It’s also imperative that your architect clients document every piece of information that is communicated between them and their client.

At PLRisk Advisors, we understand the unique Architect Liability Risks faced by your clients, as well as risks faced by clients in other various professions. For more information about our products and services, please contact us at (855) 403-5982.

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