Accountant Marketing Ideas for 2016

Accountant Marketing Ideas for 2016A sound marketing strategy can be the difference between high and low business growth for accounting firms. However, more money invested doesn’t necessarily mean more business. What’s more important are the particular strategies that firms use. While implementing these tactics, ensure your clients’ Accountant Professional Liability Program is updated and effective.



94 percent of business buyers do some form of online research when buying services, says the Acquity Group’s annual State of B2B Procurement study. Therefore, optimizing websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to display services for potential clients. The better the rankings, the more prospects will be drawn to the company’s site.

However, it is imperative to monitor the pages. Google analytics can provide information such as how long a visitor was on a page and what visitors are doing once they arrive on the site. This information is key to directing the flow of traffic and boosting business.


Adding content will boost SEO efforts and credibility for your clients. However, successful firms can take it a step further by allowing content to be easily shared which promotes engagement. What’s more, creating a user-friendly and mobile version of sites is essential to boost traffic. Bear in mind that the content should be relevant and factual in regards to the business.


“High-growth firms are definitely engaging in international association membership to increase their resources for clients across the globe and their access to peer-to-peer intelligence,” BKR International Executive director Maureen Schwartz said. “Market exclusivity is critical to ensure that members feel comfortable sharing ideas and referrals.”

Therefore, accounting firms should be selective in memberships to connect with potential clients. This way, groups in which the client networks will most likely have interest in doing business with the firm.

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