Are we seeing the Beginning of the End of the ACA?

Are we seeing the Beginning of the End of the ACAThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) has seen more than 50 repeal attempts since its implementation; both from the house and senate. A recent Supreme Court case, the 2012 NIFIB V Seleblius upheld the rules and regulations set forth by the ACA, despite the heavy opposition at the time. However, a new Supreme Court case has come to light; the 2015 King V Burwell case. While many expect it to still rule in favor of the ACA, business owners and risk management professionals alike are eager to see what will come of this.

In King V Burwell, conservatives are challenging the federal government’s right to subsidize premiums for individuals who had signed up for insurance through a federally run health marketplace. Tom Daschle, a former Democratic senator from South Dakota, says that if the government loses this case, “It would be a huge devastating blow to the country.” He continues, “It is cataclysmic, from an insurance perspective.”

Basically, health care experts are warning that if there is an elimination of subsidies, the individual health care marketplaces in the majority of states would collapse. This would mean the end of the requirement to buy insurance in those places. Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin claims that this is “the beginning of the end of the Affordable Care Act.”

In a recent New York Times/ CBS News poll, 70% of the respondents stated that they thought the government should continue to provide financial assistance to buy health insurance. A large majority of the American public believe that the ACA needs a chance to grow, and if given that chance many will see the benefits of reforming our current healthcare system. They fear that if it is in fact dismantled by this court case, that future improvements to our healthcare system will be harder to implement.

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