The Navigators Group, Inc. Recognized by Forbes as one of "America's 100 Most Trustworthy Companies"

We are pleased to announce that The Navigators Group, Inc. was recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of "America's 100 Most Trustworthy Companies."

Forbes reports that the rankings were calculated by a third-party using proprietary modeling that looks at "over 60 different governance and forensic accounting measures" to "identify the most transparent and trustworthy businesses that trade on American exchanges."

At Navigators, we truly believe that people do business with people they know, like, and trust, so this kind of third-party recognition is especially fitting. Our strength..

Posted:April 2, 2013

Directors and Officers BoardShareholder RelationshipDirectors and Officers: Board/Shareholder Relationship

The board of a public company is responsible for steering them towards long term health and success. But Directors and Officers must contend with shareholders taking on a more active role.

The financial and economic crisis increased scrutiny on public company boards of directors. They have been subject to increasing demands, inspection, and in some cases, have been met with mistrust. The assault on the traditional director-centric model of corporate governance has created a definitive shift in structure of corporate companies in the..

Posted:March 26, 2013

Directors and Officers CEO Succession Key for Risk ManagementThere are numerous components to a key risk management strategy. One way is with a successful CEO succession strategy.

The CEO is the figurehead of the company. Especially in high profile companies, they command a large amount of attention and have a significant influence on the company’s brand and image. It is growing as a crucial risk management strategy as well. Investors, rating agencies, and governmental entities are starting to require information about succession planning. And internal talent development and a comprehensive CEO succession..

Posted:March 25, 2013

Directors and Officers The Dangers of Short-Termism to a BoardDirectors and Officers: The Dangers of Short-Termism to a Board

Directors & Officers have a unique responsibility of being the liaison between running a company and representing the voices of their shareholders. And balancing those two views isn't always easy.

The Directors and Officers of a board are there to insure the shareholders’ voices and mission of the company are represented. But this idea has also given rise to a shareholder-centric model of corporate governance. While it gives shareholders a voice, it can also lead..

Posted:March 19, 2013

Professional Liability Policyholder EducationProfessional Liability on Policyholder Education: Agent or Carrier Responsibility?

Every policyholder must be educated about claims and their coverage. That everyone agrees on. The insured should know the extent of their coverage, what they are paying for, what is and isn't covered, and what to do in the even they need to file a claim. But whose responsibility is it?

Clients rely upon their brokers and agents to procure and negotiate insurance policies that meet their unique needs. And because of their participation in procuring coverage, a broker can find..

Posted:March 19, 2013

Cyber-Liability Insurance: A Tough But Necessary SellWhy Cyber-Liability Insurance is a Must-Have Coverage for Your Clients

The cyber-liability landscape is constantly changing. It is difficult to see and identify risks- consequently it can be a difficult sell to clients. However, it is an essential form of coverage that business owners should not be without. It is essential for agents to educate insurance purchasers about the exposure to loss and potentially devastating consequences of a cyber-breach.

There were 515 million records breached in the U.S. in 2010, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse...

Posted:March 19, 2013

Capitalizing on the Small Business MarketInsurance producers & small business.

The small business insurance market is a potential gold mine for producers. So why aren't they capitalizing on it? And how can they?

A business is considered small if it has 50 or fewer employees. They also represent a significant untapped source of revenue. Industry estimates show that small businesses represent approximately $95 billion in potential premium.

So what’s stopping producers from going after those accounts? Time and limited human resources. The sales process is lengthy and costly. From the initial call, to building..

Posted:March 19, 2013

New York Investigating Insurers for Hurricane Sandy ClaimsNew York Investigating Insurers for Hurricane Sandy Claims

According to PropertyCasualty360, the New York Department of Financial Services is investigating the actions of three insurers following Superstorm Sandy.

The insurers are facing claims of an alleged failure to send, or timely send and adjuster to investigate claims. Others say claims were denied over the phone and never investigated in person. New York law requires insurers inspect damaged property within 15 business days of a filed claim. That timeline was shortened on Nov. 29 to six..

Posted:March 19, 2013

Professional Liability Risks for NonprofitsProfessional Liability Risks for Nonprofits

Nonprofits were hit hard by the recession. During 2005 to 2010, private charitable contributions fell by nearly 10 percent (after adjusting for inflation). In short, people just didn't have the money to give. And while it’s starting to rise, charitable donations remain significantly below pre-recession levels.

Celebrity nonprofits are a double edged sword. A recognizable name brings a huge visibility to a cause, but it also ties the nonprofit directly to the celebrity’s reputation. When Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted to doping..

Posted:March 19, 2013

Professional Liability The Influence of Our SurroundingsProfessional Liability The Influence of Our Surroundings

We love beautiful things. It is an innate part of our being. Good design and beautiful surroundings seems to be a universal quality in humans. And, in a culture where we spend a large portion of our lives working, the design and layout of an office space, down to the chair we sit in, can have an impact on productivity and well-being.

Of course, we’d all love to be Richard Branson, who counts..

Posted:March 19, 2013

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