EPLI Part I Challenges Employers FaceEPLI Part I: Challenges Employers Face

A few months back, we discussed the increase in the number of EPLI claims.

While employers are aware of the increasing risk of EPLI claims, many don’t know how to contain it and mitigate risks before they appear.

Disability claims in particular are a difficult entity for employers to protect against. They are not as easily spotted as a sexual harassment case for example and can often be a murky affair. Some disabilities may not be physically evident and are therefore difficult..

Posted:August 14, 2013

Privacy & Network Security Insurance What the Board Should KnowPrivacy & Network Security Insurance: What the Board Should Know

Privacy & Network Security insurance focuses on the daily cyber risks that companies face. Thousands of network security breaches occur every day.  While many boards and top executives are aware of the threat, many leave it to their IT personnel to handle. However, there are multiple risk mitigation strategies that don’t require any technical know-how that a company’s board can implement.

Involve your employees. Company education is a key but often overlooked tool for..

Posted:August 7, 2013

Directors and Officers Insurance Don’t Let Your Clients Dodge RisksDirectors and Officers Insurance: Don’t Let Your Clients Dodge Risks


Many private-company executives debate a continual conundrum. Do you really need directors and officers insurance or privacy and network security coverage? Is the risk of forgoing these coverages small enough to get by with just a general professional liability policy?

What many clients don’t realize is general liability policies may not respond to data breaches or management liability lawsuits. And some coverage gaps may not cover financial lost arising from mistakes or missteps by..

Posted:August 1, 2013

Professional Liability Nonprofit RisksProfessional Liability: Nonprofit Risks

Many clients are unaware that their nonprofit needs a specialized insurance program that covers their specialized risks. Or they may even be unaware that their exposures are different from for-profit organizations. Here are some risks nonprofits face and why specialized coverage is necessary for your clients.

Most for-profit companies consider a comprehensive risk assessment to be a critical part of their overall risk management process. But for nonprofits, it can often fall by the wayside. They may not understand the benefits, lack..

Posted:July 30, 2013

Privacy & Network Security Insurance Top Questions about Cyber-liabilityPrivacy & Network Security Insurance: Top Questions about Cyber-liability

Cyber-liability is a top concern for business owners these days. But while many business owners are aware of the threats, clients still don’t fully understand their risks and necessary coverages. Or, they continue to assume that their current general liability policies will suffice. Here are the top nuances that business owners need to know about Privacy & Network Security Insurance and why it's necessary to protect their operations.

Internal protections aren't enough. While an IT department..

Posted:July 18, 2013


FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ – Axis Insurance Services, LLC is proud to announce that our firm's Executive VP/Partner, Javier Gonzalez has been selected for Business Insurance's First Annual 40 under 40 Regional Broker Leaders award for the Northeast Region.

The Business Insurance 40 under 40 award program was created to recognize insurance brokers with outstanding leadership attributes, client service skills and expertise. The program is running across five regions of the U.S., with eight honorees selected in each region.

A panel of senior editors at Business Insurance chose the honorees..

Posted:July 15, 2013

Commercial Crime Insurance Rising Cyber-CrimeCommercial Crime Insurance: Rising Cyber-Crime

Nearly every major business transaction happens online. From your website, social media presence, online marketing efforts, bank transactions and countless emails, it has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. The scope and variety of criminal threats facing businesses are larger than ever.

Here are a few statistics to paint a picture. The estimated annual cost of global cyber crime is 100 billion. Seventy-three percent of Americans have experienced some form of cyber-crime. These attacks occur across a variety of mediums from Facebook accounts to..

Posted:July 11, 2013

Privacy & Network Security Insurance: Why Cyber Crimes HappenPrivacy & Network Security Insurance: Why Cyber Crimes Happen


Cyber-crimes are a looming threat to business. Below are the top reasons why cyber-crime rates are rising and why it is a good idea to recommend Privacy & Network Security and Commercial Crime insurance to your clients.

Negligence. A large amount of cyber-crime is caused by negligence. Accessing private company data on a public network such as a coffee shop, losing a company device, storing data without protecting it or failing to follow proper security..

Posted:July 10, 2013

Errors and Omissions Recruiting Talent in the Insurance IndustryErrors and Omissions: Recruiting Talent in the Insurance Industry


Part of the challenges facing the insurance industry in the next few years is a struggle to find and develop new talent.

The insurance industry has been plagued for a while now by a lack of burgeoning talent. Nearly half of the industry leaders who took part in a CEO survey believe that the limited availability of key si One estimate reported that number of employees age 55 and over is 30 percent higher in the..

Posted:July 8, 2013

Directors & Officers Insurance Educators Avoid LiabilityDirectors & Officers Insurance: Educators Avoid Liability

School administrators and teachers are responsible for the education and welfare of large groups of children. From everything from teaching to feeding, caring and nurturing the students, education professionals are involved in a wide variety of tasks. But in providing for their students, teachers, school administrators and specialists all face liability exposures in their profession.

School liability has steadily increased over the years. And as educators ascend higher in administration, the fallout costs of potential liabilities only continues to grow.


Posted:June 27, 2013

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