Steps to Reducing Accounting Professional Liability RisksSteps to Reducing Accounting Professional Liability Risks

In a blog post last year, we explored some of the common reasons for professional liability claim against accountants. Understanding the risks they face could potentially help your clients reduce their accounting professional liability risks. However, there is much more to a comprehensive risk management program that simply knowing what risks exist; all accountants should take adequate steps to potentially mitigate their losses.

Below are some examples from of risk management strategy steps your clients can take.


Posted:August 21, 2014

Professional Liability Risk Management Steps for Employers to FollowProfessional Liability Risk Management: Steps for Employers to Follow

With the increasingly litigious society of today, employers are consistently finding themselves defending against professional liability claims, even if unfounded. A lawsuit against any type of business, no matter the size, can be financially devastating, as the employer will have to pay defense fees, legal costs, and of course a settlement or damages if they are found guilty of the alleged claim. Of course, there is no fool-proof way for your clients to avoid professional..

Posted:August 18, 2014

Focusing on Privacy and Network Security Incident ResolutionFocusing on Privacy and Network Security Incident Resolution

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, many articles related to Privacy and Network Security, or Cyber Security, issues focus on the prevention of breaches or insurance policies to financially cover these breaches and failures, rather than focusing on recovering from a breach. While Privacy and Network Security insurance is vital to any one of your clients, as well as your own company, insurance experts are realizing the important need to focus on incident resolution.

Posted:August 15, 2014

Privacy and Network Security Russian Hacker Breach Raises AwarenessPrivacy and Network Security: Russian Hacker Breach Raises Awareness

After an 18 month investigation, cyber security company Hold Security has uncovered the “largest data breach known to date”; one that involved the theft of 1.2 billion user names and passwords by a group of Russian cyber-thieves. The “CyberVor” gang, dubbed that name by Hold Security, collected over 4.5 billion records, most consisting of stolen credentials. 12 billion of these credentials appear to be unique, belong to over half a billion e-mail addresses. To..

Posted:August 13, 2014

EPL Risk Management Alleviating Workplace BullyingEPL Risk Management: Alleviating Workplace Bullying

In a poll recorded by the Workplace Bullying Institute earlier this year, it was found that only 28% of the American workforce said that they were unaware of any type of bullying going on in their workplace. The rest said they had either been bullied themselves, or have witnessed and/or are aware of bullying within their company. Workplace bullying is a serious problem in this country, and unfortunately it goes unnoticed by many employers. However, it’s imperative that your clients..

Posted:August 11, 2014

How Can Realtors Reduce Their Errors and Omissions RisksHow Can Realtors Reduce Their Errors and Omissions Risks?

In a two part blog post we published in October 2013, we talked about the different Errors and Omissions risks that your residential real estate agent clients may face; such as environmental liability, claims against RESPA, violating the ADA, and more. These claims tend to be among the most common faced by realtors. Just because they are susceptible to these legal claims though, doesn’t mean there is nothing they can do about it.

Protecting themselves..

Posted:July 31, 2014

Reducing Your Risk of an Insurance Agent Professional Liability ClaimReducing Your Risk of an Insurance Agent Professional Liability Claim

Being in the insurance industry, you know the value of financially protecting your clients from any legal claim that could come their way. However, have you financially protected yourself as much as you can? It’s a fact that insurance agents as just as susceptible to professional liability claims as any other professional who provides services or advice for payment.

One of the most common claims against insurance agent professional liability is claims of misrepresentation...

Posted:July 29, 2014

What do Businesses Look for in Their EPL Insurance Coverage?What do Businesses Look for in Their EPL Insurance Coverage?

One of the most common insurance coverages that businesses seek out these days is EPL Insurance, or Employment Practices Liability Insurance. With the increasing cases of litigation coming from employees based on claims or acts of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, etc. it’s smart to have an EPL Insurance policy in place. By protecting themselves financially, your clients will be covered for defense costs, settlements, and other court fees, should they find themselves facing a..

Posted:July 25, 2014

The Most Common Commercial Real Estate Errors and Omissions ClaimsThe Most Common Commercial Real Estate Errors and Omissions Claims

Claims made due to errors and omissions (E&O), or professional liability issues, are some of the most common claims amongst the commercial real estate industry. Last month, we reviewed the basics of commercial real estate errors and omissions insurance, noting that it only takes one small mistake for your client to be facing a potentially costly legal debate. While the only way for your clients to truly protect themselves financially from these..

Posted:July 23, 2014

Best Practices to Reduce Lawyer Privacy and Network Security RisksBest Practices to Reduce Lawyer Privacy and Network Security Risks

Back in June, we discussed how detrimental a cyber-security or data breach could be could be to law firms and independent lawyers. Hackers are increasingly attacking this “goldmine” of sensitive and confidential data, causing attorneys and lawyers to take a good, hard look at how they can best protect their digital information. Of course, the only fool-proof way there is for your lawyer clients to financially protect themselves after a data breach..

Posted:July 21, 2014

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