EPLI Establishing Policies among Marijuana LegalizationEPLI: Establishing Policies among Marijuana Legalization

When Colorado enacted Amendment 64 to Article 18 of the state’s constitution in order to legalize marijuana, a provision was included that specifically stated the law does not require employers to permit or accommodate marijuana use and does not affect the ability of employers to have policies restricting the use of marijuana. Not only do Colorado employers need be aware of this, but employers nationwide should pay attention, as it’s likely that other states will see this legalization happen sooner or..

Posted:November 17, 2014

Privacy and Network Security: Get Ahead of CyberPrivacy and Network Security Get Ahead of Cybercrimecrime

Earlier this week, we looked at what it takes to create an effective cyber security protection strategy, and what the common roadblocks are facing companies when it comes to cyber security. Now we will look at what can be done about all of this. Experts claim that an organizations’ cyber security response falls into three particular stages; activating, adapting, and anticipating. The goal throughout these stages is for organizations to implement increasingly advanced cyber-security measures.

What does..

Posted:November 14, 2014

The Top Cyber Security Roadblocks Facing CompaniesThe Top Cyber Security Roadblocks Facing Companies

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of creating an effective cyber security strategy, citing factors that present the biggest challenges to business owners nowadays. Of course, when creating any type of security strategy, there will be challenges. A recent report revealed the most common cyber and network security roadblocks facing companies today. Understanding these roadblocks is the first step in successfully getting ahead of cybercrime.

Roadblock 1: Respondents of an EY study stated that they realize..

Posted:November 12, 2014

Network Security Creating an Effective Protection Strategy Network Security: Creating an Effective Protection Strategy

With the growth of the digital and technological world, cyber threats have continuously multiplied, and show no signs of slowing down. According to experts from EY, in order to get ahead and stay ahead of cybercrime, it’s important to anticipate cyber-attacks. In EY’s 17th Global Information Security Survey (GISS) this year, risk managers focused on how well organizations are managing cyber threats and what they need to do if they are to get ahead of today’s cyber..

Posted:November 10, 2014

Limiting Small Business Professional Liability RisksLimiting Small Business Professional Liability Risks

No matter what industry your small business clients work in, it is necessary to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their internal controls. Doing so will help these companies and small businesses obtain reliable financial reporting which will help to prevent fraud and misappropriation of assets, thus also helping to limit small business professional liability risks.

Sources from business website recently reported a few reasons why audit systems are so important to small businesses; the main reason being that regular audits..

Posted:November 7, 2014

Is Your Client’s Business Ready for a Network BreachIs Your Client’s Business Ready for a Network Breach?

In recent years, cyber-crimes, data breaches, and network breaches have become more of a real threat to business integrity than ever before. Experts believe that the number of breaches will only grow along with the exponential growth of digital transactions and record keeping. We’ve posted blogs in the past about how to prevent network breaches, and how to potentially recover from a network breach, but despite this knowledge, are your clients truly prepared?

While all..

Posted:November 5, 2014

Insurance Agent Liability Writing Small Business PoliciesInsurance Agent Liability: Writing Small Business Policies

When it comes to small businesses, of which there are more than 28 million of in the U.S., insurance agents and producers have specific tactics for how to approach targeting, selling, and renewing small business policies. Vice President of the American Insurance Marketing & Sales (AIMS) Society Jim Mansfield, CPIA, offers the following core basics for targeting small business accounts:

  • Deal with the decision makers.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Listen to the answers.
  • Formulate a plan that best fits your clients/ focus..

Posted:October 31, 2014

How Optimistic are Insurance Agencies about Industry GrowthHow Optimistic are Insurance Agencies about Industry Growth?

According to insurance agency software development site Vertafore, 70% of large agencies that they surveyed said that they felt “very optimistic” about future growth, while only 25% of small agencies felt the same way. The study, called “How Independent P&C Insurance Agencies Are Thriving in Today’s Competitive Marketplace” was conducted in partnership with analyst firm, Aite Group.

In the survey, it was found that 59% of midsize agencies felt “very optimistic” and 46% of small agencies felt “somewhat..

Posted:October 22, 2014

Key Risk Management Strategies for BusinessesKey Risk Management Strategies for Businesses

For clients in large business environments, and even sometimes in small businesses, risk management is a vital part of their success. An adequate risk management process requires a developed plan with a clear purpose, reliable inputs, and well-designed and value-added activities. So how can your client begin to implement a good risk management plan? The following are some insights from business website

Risk management starts with identifying the business risks that exist within a company. This involves determining the quantitative..

Posted:October 20, 2014

Educator Professional Liability Risks in Higher EducationEducator Professional Liability Risks in Higher Education

Teaching, especially at the college or university level, can be one of the most challenging and rewarding professions out there. It takes a lot of preparation, organization, and good attitude to be a successful educator or to run a successful university. One of the factors essential to a financially sound educational facility is the right type of insurance coverage. This starts with professional liability coverage, which protects your education clients against claims of wrongdoing, negligence, defamation, or even harassment.


Posted:October 17, 2014

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