Does Employee Morale Affect EPLI ClaimsDoes Employee Morale Affect EPLI Claims?

Last week, we touched on some of the top Employment Practices Liability issues your clients should be aware of as we progress into 2015; including how important it is to protect employee data from cyber hacks and proceeding with caution when implementing wellness programs. While these have both been hot topics recently, one area that also deserves focus in the EPLI landscape is the threat of discrimination accusations.

On the heels of recent claims of discrimination brought forward by the

Posted:January 28, 2015

Top Employment Practices Liability ConcernsTop Employment Practices Liability Concerns

Over the past year, Employment Practices Liability has been a hot topic for many employers, across all industries. With many changes occurring in the last decade including cyber risk issues as well as complying with the new requirements of the ACA, HR professionals and Benefit Advisors may find themselves faced with many issues in regards to employment practices.

So what can your business clients expect going into 2015? Two of the biggest news developments in recent months have been the allowance of medical and..

Posted:January 26, 2015

Employment Law How Hiring Practices Affect RisksEmployment Law: How Hiring Practices Affect Risks

Employment law has been a hot topic issue in recent years; especially with the increased scrutiny from the EEOC due to high-profile employment practices liability cases. Employment liability cases don’t just affect companies with well-established employees. Often, new hires can bring employment law risks your clients may not have even thought of. So how exactly do hiring practices affect risks?

First of all, illegal discrimination is one of the most common causes for a complaint from a new hire...

Posted:January 23, 2015

Could Better Cyber Security Help Companies Retain Staff?Could Better Cyber Security Help Companies Retain Staff?

Cyber hacks, data breaches, and identity theft cases are, unfortunately, not as rare as they once were. As a result, many employers are considering offering identity theft protection services as a benefit to their employees. Experts in the benefit industry claim that this affordable benefit is highly-appreciated by employees and it can also act as a competitive advantage in a benefit adviser’s sales portfolio.

According to Corporate Synergies’ voluntary benefits specialist Nick Park, employee identity theft has..

Posted:January 21, 2015

PL Risk Expands New Jersey Operations Again

By Drew M Smith

PL Risk Advisors, Inc. (PL Risk) President Mike Smith today announced the continued expansion of its Professional Liability Wholesale company.  PL Risk is proud to announce the addition of two new employees to their New Jersey location, Joseph Rivera and Anthony DeGraw.

Joseph Rivera has joined the company as a new account manager. Joe comes to PL Risk with 12 years’ experience as a Professional and Management Liability specialist, most recently as an associate broker at Ougheltree & Associates, LLC.  Joe will primarily be responsible for the day to day account management..

Posted:January 19, 2015
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Architect Liability Handling Client ExpectationsArchitect Liability: Handling Client Expectations

Last year, we looked at the importance of architect directors and officers coverage, highlighting typical covered losses such as legal defense costs, legal representation expenses, and costs arising from extradition proceedings. Directors and officers' risks are not the only exposures architect firms face; architects also face professional liability, or errors and omissions, exposures as part of their daily job.

When it comes to reducing their risks, architects and building designers often meet challenges by way of clients that want unattainable results for as..

Posted:January 19, 2015

ACA Compliance Begins What This Means for EmployersACA Compliance Begins: What This Means for Employers

The beginning of the year has many employers reviewing 2014, exploring how they can best grow their business for the coming year, and getting proper tax documents out to their employees. This year has given employers one more factor to consider; it’s currently the first month of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance for many employers.

Over the past year, employers struggled with the specifics of ACA compliance. As we begin to progress into 2015, sites such as

Posted:January 16, 2015

2015 Liability Trends Advertisers Should Watch For2015 Liability Trends Advertisers Should Watch For

Due to multiple U.S. Supreme Court decisions made over the past year, many industries and employers are seeing changes in how they approach employment practices issues, directors and officers insurance claims, and professional liability. The advertising industry is no exception; according to, there are five particular legal trends that advertisers should pay attention as we progress into 2015.

Consumer Data Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission, in addition to the state attorneys general, has privacy and data security at the..

Posted:January 14, 2015

Accountant Professional Liability Tax Season TipsAccountant Professional Liability: Tax Season Tips

With the tax season almost upon us, it’s time for your accountant clients to review their business, ensure they are ready for this busy time of year, and make sure they have the right financial protection with a comprehensive Accountant Professional Liability policy. How can accountants best manage their business and grow revenue while staying in compliance with all legal requirements of their profession? Below are a few tips that financial intelligence company Finagraph have recently shared.

Understand the Technology Available.

Doing so will..

Posted:January 12, 2015

How Can Insurance Agencies Prepare for CatastrophesHow Can Insurance Agencies Prepare for Catastrophes?

There has been a lot of talk in the past year about cyber risks and cyber liability; high-profile cases of data breaches, what can be done to avoid cyber attacks, recover from them, etc. However, while cyber liability continues to be an important aspect of risk management for your clients as well as your insurance agency, it’s imperative that you realize that any type of downtime can be detrimental. In fact, according to a report from PropertyCasualty360, small businesses..

Posted:December 31, 2014

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