Are Less People Buying Homes Than in the Past

In 2008/2009, the American economy took a huge hit, and unsurprisingly, Americans stopped spending money. This was especially true when it came to home-buying. But now that the economy is picking up and gaining traction once again, a discouraging fact appears to be evident; less people are buying homes than before the recession. With all the financial considerations your clients must make, including acquiring the right Professional Liability Insurance for Residential Real Estate Agents, the last thing they want to worry about..

Posted:February 23, 2015

With Travel Comes Liability RisksIt’s a dreaded scenario for many business owners who send employees overseas or even to another part of the country; the employee gets to their destination only to be injured by a natural disaster or to partake in activities that damage the reputation of their business. Inappropriate behavior is the more commonly known of these risks; with over 25% of business travelers admitting to binge drinking while traveling for work. In addition to risking not only themselves, they are risking your client’s Directors and Officers..

Posted:February 20, 2015

How to Support a Positive Office CultureWhy is a positive office culture important? Not only does a good company culture help your clients retain and attract employees, it could also improve productivity and even potentially reduce the risks of facing a costly Employment Liability Insurance claim or perhaps even a Professional Liability or Directors & Officers claim. So just how can your clients support a positive office culture?

According to sources from Employee Benefit News, one of the worst things a company can do to ruin an office culture is..

Posted:February 18, 2015

How Should Employers Respond to Anthem’s BreachHow Should Employers Respond to Anthem’s Breach?

As the investigation continues and officials look into the significant data breach that may have affected up to 80 Million customers, officials have found that this breach may have started as early as April 2014 according to The Wall Street Journal. In addition to ensuring that their own Privacy and Network Security policies are up to date to financially protect themselves from cases such as this, how else should employers respond to Anthem's breach?  

It’s no secret that..

Posted:February 16, 2015
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How can Unlimited PTO Hurt U.S. EmployersHow can Unlimited PTO Hurt U.S. Employers?

In our previous post, we explored the concept of unlimited PTO, and how it could potentially help increase productivity in the workplace, create more trust between employers and their staff, and can help your clients attract new employees. Some business owners believe that the newly established employer-employee relationships may even reduce Employment Liability claims. Naturally, this idea has been met with reservations from some clients, and it is not right for every individual company. In this post..

Posted:February 13, 2015

Could Unlimited PTO Benefit U.S. Employers?Could Unlimited PTO Benefit U.S. Employers?

Naturally, the average U.S. employer would probably laugh at the idea of “unlimited” paid vacation time for their employees. How could such an initiative be a good idea? Would any work get done? The important thing to keep in mind about this proposal of unlimited PTO is that the point is not to give employees a free pass to take as much vacation time as they want. It’s also not a sneaky way for managers to discourage employees from taking time..

Posted:February 11, 2015

ACA Open Enrollment Period for 2015 is Coming to a CloseACA Open Enrollment Period for 2015 is Coming to a Close

It’s no secret that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been met with trepidation and resistance, particularly by members of the Republican Party.  Abiding by the laws put forth by the ACA should be a top priority for business owners nationwide, as complying with these laws will help them reduce their Errors and Omissions Risk Exposure as well as EPLI Risk Exposure.

This has caused confusion for many companies..

Posted:February 9, 2015

Employment Practices Has the EEOC Gone Too FarEmployment Practices: Has the EEOC Gone Too Far?

In the past year, we’ve talked a lot about Employment Practices Liability (EPL), due to the high volume of cases we’ve seen in this realm. The EEOC has been aggressively proactive from day one, and due to this your clients are increasingly facing allegations from employees for discrimination, harassment, FMLA violations, unfair pay, and more.

These claims cause damage to a company’s reputation and can be financially devastating as well. As reported in a recent article published..

Posted:January 30, 2015

Does Employee Morale Affect EPLI ClaimsDoes Employee Morale Affect EPLI Claims?

Last week, we touched on some of the top Employment Practices Liability issues your clients should be aware of as we progress into 2015; including how important it is to protect employee data from cyber hacks and proceeding with caution when implementing wellness programs. While these have both been hot topics recently, one area that also deserves focus in the EPLI landscape is the threat of discrimination accusations.

On the heels of recent claims of discrimination brought forward by the

Posted:January 28, 2015

Top Employment Practices Liability ConcernsTop Employment Practices Liability Concerns

Over the past year, Employment Practices Liability has been a hot topic for many employers, across all industries. With many changes occurring in the last decade including cyber risk issues as well as complying with the new requirements of the ACA, HR professionals and Benefit Advisors may find themselves faced with many issues in regards to employment practices.

So what can your business clients expect going into 2015? Two of the biggest news developments in recent months have been the allowance of medical and..

Posted:January 26, 2015

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