By: Drew M Smith

On October 14th, PL Risk Helping Hands participated in the New York Shatterproof Rise Against Addiction 5k Walk/Run event. The team helped raise over $15,000 towards helping to bring the stigma of addiction to the light, one of the largest team contributions of the over $600,000 that the participants for the event brought in.

Participating in this walk were PL Risk Helping Hands team members Christine DeFelice, Joan Pandorf, Drew Smith, Dylan Kelly and CEO of PL Risk Mike Smith. Their family and friends also joined in on the event...

Posted:October 16, 2018
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By Drew M Smith

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in conjunction with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NSCA) is celebrating their 15th iteration of National Cyber Awareness Month in October. The initiative is to raise awareness of how much the internet plays a major role in our lives and what could happen if we don’t safeguard ourselves to outside cyber threats.

In the last year, multiple wide scale hacks against groups such as Facebook and Reddit understandably made many people nervous. The month of October is all about taking a step back and..

Posted:October 15, 2018

By Drew M Smith

The Department of Homeland Security issued a warning last week that is very unsettling for businesses to think about. They have determined that hackers have figured out a way to spoof IT providers and their relevant security measures. This means that a mistimed click can ruin both you and your internet security.

There are many scams associated with this type of breach, the most basic will go after you directly. Using social engineering, they will find your number, call you, and say that they are a local business and ask..

Posted:October 10, 2018

By Drew M Smith

PL Risk Advisors, Inc. will be sponsoring and attending the Insurance Brokers Association of New York (IBANY) Fall Reception on Wednesday, October 24th from 5:30-7:30. PL Risk will be listed as rooftop sponsors for the event happening at Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. Attending the conference will be Professional Liability Broker Christine DeFelice and CEO Mike Smith.

When asked about their participation, Christine said. “As many of our brokers are based in New York, this is a great time to catch up with..

Posted:October 9, 2018

Cyber security is an area of risk management where a person or organization can’t be too cautious in mitigating possible exposures. In this current digital age, many businesses and individuals are increasingly reliant on having data and information stored and carried through cyberspace. This data and information can make it anywhere in the world in just a few seconds, allowing for immediate financial transactions and information sharing, which can be both positive and negative for the parties that have money or data at stake.

As convenient as online data transfer and storage is for the people and businesses that utilize it,..

Posted:October 4, 2018

When an employee is terminated from a job against their wishes, they are likely to be upset about it, even if the employer has justifiable reasons for letting them go. The employee may feel like they have been treated unfairly, or blamed for something that they couldn’t have prevented. Employees are capable of suing their former employer for wrongful termination if they believe that they were fired for an illegitimate reason such as age, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, sexual harassment or retaliation.

In one example of a costly wrongful termination claim, after an employee reported multiple incidents of repeated..

Posted:September 5, 2018

By Drew M. Smith

The Social Media service, Reddit, was reportedly breached according to a blog post released August 3rd. The service revealed that in June, a hacker accessed one of its older servers and compromised emails, data verification and everything that was in the server up to 2007.

What caused the breach was the lack of a simple yet overlooked security measure. Dual-factor authentication has become increasingly popular to secure their passwords and their accounts. (Cyber Tip DFA) In Reddit’s case, the employees did not do a proper job in setting up the service. Instead of a key..

Posted:August 13, 2018

By: Drew M. Smith

The PGA of America reportedly was hacked Tuesday as they tried to access their files for the ongoing PGA championship. Technicians realized they were hacked when they were trying to access the files and were revealed to be locked behind a Bitcoin wall with a message that revealed any attempt to break would result in the files being lost.

The hackers accessed the files that contained advertising and digital signage that was going to be a part of the 100th PGA Championship, in Town and Country Missouri. According to Golfweek, the PGA did not have full access to..

Posted:August 13, 2018

By Drew M. Smith

PL Risk hosted a charitable dinner for Shatterproof, an organization that assists those individuals and families affected by the Opioid crisis, at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza in Ramsey, NJ on July 26th. Many employees, friends and clients came to raise money for this worthwhile organization. For the last month, Anthony’s has supported the program with their Dough for Dough program. Every Tuesday and Thursday in July, if someone mentioned the charity, 20% of their bill would be donated to Shatterproof.

This is all part of PL Risk Helping Hand’s efforts to raise..

Posted:August 6, 2018

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors & omissions insurance, is designed to protect individuals and businesses from certain losses they may sustain when providing professional services. These losses may be related to errors and omissions or negligent acts. A variety of different policies are available, including policies designed for specific industries, as well as miscellaneous policies.

Most businesses providing professional services are aware of their need for professional liability insurance. However, many businesses fail to purchase all of the coverage they need, leaving significant gaps that expose them to risk. Some of the most common professional liability coverage gaps..

Posted:July 25, 2018

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