Too Young Building Your Insurance Agent Reputation (Part One)Tim Stolly of Stolly Insurance located in Lima, Ohio recently spoke on the topic of business insurance to a group of 27 young professionals. The presentation was intended to make these professionals realize that there is “a lot more to business insurance” than they think. It’s important for young entrepreneurs to understand the need for protection of all types; Professional Liability Risk Coverage, Cyber Liability, Employment Practice, etc. Equally important, or perhaps even more important, is the need for the millennial generation..

Posted:June 17, 2015
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Commercial Real Estate Agent Professional Liability NeedsThere’s been some good news for the commercial real estate industry recently; Investor’s Business Daily recently reported that lenders are increasingly looking to finance commercial properties as the market continues to grow. For agents & brokers looking to take advantage of this recent development, it’s essential to review their risks and ensure their Commercial Real Estate Agent Professional Liability policy is up to date.

In addition to ensuring they are financially protected, what else should your clients in this sector be aware of? As you..

Posted:June 15, 2015

How to Sell Cyber Liability Insurance to Small BusinessesUnfortunately, it’s no surprise that cyber-attacks occur on a daily basis. Although large corporations tend to take the spotlight when a breach occurs, the fact is that small businesses are actually affected more frequently. Not only is private, identifiable information stolen, but the repercussions of the attack can be devastating to a small business. In order to protect your clients’ biggest investment-their business- it is imperative they have Privacy and Network Security Insurance in place. Here are a few tips on how..

Posted:June 10, 2015

Examining Financial Institution Liability RisksAs reported recently by, financial institutions face a unique set of risks, given the specialized aspects of their operations. Given that they are increasingly being examined by both federal and state regulators, they must be extremely attentive to not only their Financial Institution Privacy and Network Security Risks, but also the everyday clerical duties performed by their staff.

There are a variety of errors that could occur in a bank’s clerical work; a miss-posting could result in a delay in customer service, an error could result..

Posted:June 5, 2015

Recent Travelers Risk Index Reveals Top 2015 LiabilitiesAt the beginning of 2015, the World Economic Forum revealed the results of the 10th edition of the Global Risks Report, which features an annual assessment by experts on the top global risks in terms of likelihood and potential impact over the coming 10 years. While these results are essential to determining business success, it’s equally important to stay abreast current trends to keep a pulse on what’s happening now. In a continuing effort to provide our agents and brokers with Risk Management..

Posted:June 1, 2015

Will Kansas Be the Next State to Adopt At-Will Employment? Employers who work in employment at-will states are already familiar with the term, meaning that unless an employment contract states otherwise, employers can fire employees for any reason. They can even fire employees for no reason at all, or an unfair reason as long as it’s not discriminatory or otherwise illegal. This doesn’t mean that disgruntled former employees can’t sue, which is why obtaining the right Employment Practices Liability Insurance is essential. It does, however, mean that in most states,..

Posted:May 26, 2015

What Risks will Drones Introduce to CompaniesAccording to a recent article published by Insurance Journal, corporate risk managers expect 40% of businesses to start utilizing drones within the next five years. These same individuals are stating that they will purchase insurance for their drones, even if it’s not mandated by law. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that 30,000 commercial and civil drones could be in U.S. skies by 2020, creating 100,000 jobs and contributing $82 billion to the U.S. economy. Not bad, but are business professionals right to be considering..

Posted:May 20, 2015

Insurance Acquisitions San Francisco Brokers Continue to GrowEarlier this month, San Francisco based EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants announced their acquisitions of Sorci Insurance Brokerage, Inc., a specialist in providing comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Insurance services to New Car Auto Dealers in California. The latest in a string of Insurance Acquisitions this year, Sorci Insurance Brokerage founder Tom Sorci is excited about the merger.

Sorci states, “As part of EPIC, we will have access to more resources, experienced professionals in multiple disciplines, and extensive insurance company relationships-all of which will benefit..

Posted:May 18, 2015

Report Shows Companies are Still Under-Insured for Cyber RiskWould you believe that about 80% of U.S. businesses are likely to suffer a data breach within 12 months? This is according to a report published by Insurance Business America. While most of the associated costs typically come to less than $1 million, there’s a 5% change the breach will cost the company $20 million or more. This could easily be a financially devastating incident to any of your clients, which is why it’s important to be protected with the right Privacy..

Posted:May 13, 2015

 Professional Liability Market How Agents Can Break InMost retail insurance agents and brokers understand the shift that has occurred in the professional liability market; societal changes, increased online activity, and economic factors have all been driving change in the arena. Agents that understand how to respond to these changes could increase their value to clients in addition to boosting revenue for their insurance firms. So just how can agents break into the increasingly challenging Professional Liability Market?

With the progressively growing pressure to remain relevant in this market, it’s important..

Posted:May 11, 2015

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