Should Client Dissatisfaction be Reported to your E&O CarrierAs professionals, it is impossible to please every single client. Even with the best business practices and evident focus on client relationships, customer dissatisfaction is a reality of operating any type of business-justifiable or not. As some complaints can lead to severe consequences and lawsuits, a Professional Liability for Insurance Agents policy is required to protect their operations.

When customer dissatisfaction becomes a lawsuit, the proper insurance coverage is needed. However, the limitations and types of claim coverage vary. Almost every professional..

Posted:November 13, 2015

Examining the Top Threats to Privacy and Network Security The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) performed a survey to conclude the biggest threats to corporate security. What was found was that inside hackers and vendors are the two most common extortions that are mostly overlooked by companies. To protect the firm, a Privacy and Network Security Program is critical.

David Perla, President of Bloomberg Law, stated “We’ve all seen the damage that data breaches can inflict on corporations. It’s time to go beyond the headlines to..

Posted:November 11, 2015

The Importance of Timely EPLI Claims Reporting The most common types of claims are those made against the insured and sent to the insurance company for payment. These “claims made” are time sensitive in nature and require prompt reporting. In addition to obtaining an Employment Practices Liability Insurance Program, these considerations should be made the next time a claim is filed against your clients’ company.

According to Lexology, “Claims made” insurance triggers coverage when the claim is made against the insured and reported to the insurer; contrarily,..

Posted:November 9, 2015

UnitedHealth Close to Proposing Merger Deal Staying competitive is critical for success in the healthcare industry. In order to strengthen assets and business practices, Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions commonly occur to combine resources and markets to achieve such goals. As more merger and acquisition activity becomes increasingly popular, a major healthcare company has recently announced its plans to move forward with a big-budget plan.

UnitedHealth Group Inc. has made it evident that a potential merger proposal is in the works to potentially acquire Helios, a Memphis, Tennessee health insurance company...

Posted:November 6, 2015

Workplace Flexibility in Legal Firms Improving Employee EngagementA recent panel at the Women, Influence & Power in Law conference has brought about conversation regarding workplace flexibility. While lawyers have historically been known to work long, harsh hours, a panel of four top-ranked legal experts is challenging the notion of a traditional legal workplace. Regardless of the type of workplace enforced, Employment Practices Liability Program for Legal Firms should be evaluated and updated.

The panel included Laura Cox, principal-in-charge of government, regulatory affairs and public policy at PwC, Maria Pasquale, senior..

Posted:November 2, 2015

Commercial Crime Insurance A Necessity for Your ClientsAs your clients are aware, employee crime accounts for the most loss suffered by companies each year. Although unfortunate, this type of illegal activity results in massive property loss and reputational damage. What’s more, there are various types of fraudulent activities that each client should be aware of. In order to mitigate these risks, is it paramount to carry Commercial Crime Insurance. The following are the top four ways in which companies suffer loss each year.

Forgery or Alteration- Forged financial documents such..

Posted:October 27, 2015

Offering Employer-Sponsored Retirement Benefits Pros and ConsAs retirement plans can be a great addition to an existing compensation package and improve the future of employees, it is important to understand the pros and cons of offering such coverage. While navigating the complexities of retirement plans and its benefits, Fiduciary Liability Insurance can help to mitigate any potential missteps and protect against litigation.

There are numerous benefits to offering retirement packages. For small business owners, in particular, offering a retirement plan as an employee benefit allows the owner to take advantage..

Posted:October 23, 2015

Common Types of Employee Fraud for Companies to Watch ForEmployee crime is one of the leading causes of company loss each year. At a staggering 5 percent average loss, it is imperative that employee fraud is recognized and prevented. While a Commercial Crime Insurance Program will benefit a company in the event of a case, the following common fraudulent activity types should be recognized in order to prevent a variety of scams.

Monetary Theft- While the typical scheme involves stealing cash from the company, more sophisticated activity involves fraudulent disbursements,..

Posted:October 21, 2015

EPLI Risks Mobile Devices and Working Off-The-ClockIn today’s society, it is commonplace for employers to provide mobile devices to their employees. While this may seem like a luxury, employees inadvertently spend more time working, both on and off the clock, sparking debate from employees and the Department of Labor for unfair ethics. An Employment Practices Insurance Program can help to mitigate these risks and protect companies against potential litigation as a result of these practices.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a long standing regulation titled “de minimis,”..

Posted:October 19, 2015

The Price of Cyber Breaches in Various IndustriesA recent report conducted by Symantec Internet Security has estimated over 34,000 known data breaches occur daily. While not all breaches result in compromised personal and confidential information, the sheer numbers are staggering. In order for a variety of industries to remain protected, a Cyber Liability Insurance Program is recommended.

A panel of security experts, led by Joan K. Woodward, President of Travelers Institute and Executive Vice President of Public Policy, determined that small to medium sized businesses are at the highest risk..

Posted:October 16, 2015

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