New Study EPL Insurance Claims Continue to Grow As new laws continue to evolve surrounding workplace fairness and accommodations, employee practices lawsuits are continually increasing. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission continues its aggressive enforcement of these laws nationwide and employers are struggling to keep up. As such, every employer should be equipped with an EPL Insurance Program to mitigate risk, loss, and responsibility.

The EEOC and the Americans with Disabilities Act is proving to be a hurdle for most employers. While particular laws depend on the state, the interpretation of..

Posted:December 16, 2015

Could Holiday Practices Land Companies in Hot WaterThe holidays are meant to be filled with cheer and loved ones. However, employers should be aware of the legality of common professional scenarios that occur during this time of year.. In order to reduce your clients' management and company liability, provide them with a comprehensive Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Program.

Accommodating religious beliefs in the workplace is an idea that’s long been protected. Requesting days off to observe religious holidays of all types is supported in the United States. Title VII of..

Posted:December 14, 2015

Termination of Employment Best Practices Even with a contract deeming employment “at will,” it is not always enough protection for a company upon terminating an employee. Retaliation including harassment and discrimination lawsuits can likely occur and businesses should be prepared to manage the situation. To reduce Employment Practices Liability, it is important to take the following recommendations into consideration.

Prior to terminating an employee, the employer should equip itself to defend against any potential claims. Some documented, professional reasons that can withstand scrutiny should be identifiable. Next, policies that discuss..

Posted:December 9, 2015

Tattoo Discrimination: Legal, But does it Cost Employers Talent?Dress codes and appearance policies are nothing new to the workplace. While there is no legal obligation to adopt such policies, most employers wish to promote a certain aesthetic among their employees. However, in doing so, some have argued that discriminating against tattoos and other forms of body art are only hindering the employer. In order to reduce discrimination claims, ensure your clients are equipped with an Employment Practices Liability Program.

While some employers want employees to be able to express themselves..

Posted:December 7, 2015

Social Media An Ethical ConcernAs more and more professionals of all ages embrace the use of social media, concerns regarding ethics and Professional Liability come into play. However, it is important to note the liability issues regarding this development and the ways in which professionals are able to grow their business while also limiting risk.

Increasing emphasis is being put on the usefulness of social media as part of a marketing effort for professionals of all types, says the American Bar Association. For example, consulting firms now..

Posted:December 4, 2015

Legal Billing Considerations for Better PracticesHistorically, it was much too labor intensive and time intensive for in-house counsel to be able to run reports to analyze proper billing practices. However, with new innovative solutions for legal management systems, more data is easily accessible for these professionals. In order to reduce Lawyer Professional Liability, proper billing practices are paramount.

Inside Counsel spoke with Bill Sowinski, Director of Decision Support Services at ELM Solutions, who states that in house counsel can use matter management software to analyze billing trends..

Posted:December 3, 2015

Lesser Known Crimes Affecting BusinessesWhile common white-collar crimes such as embezzlement and bribery are no stranger to business operations, there are other threats that exist that don’t receive as much publicity. These lesser known crimes pose severe threats to the corporate world and should be taken seriously to avoid harsh consequences and even business interruption. In order to protect the company, your clients should invest in a Commercial Crime Insurance Program.

Environmental Schemes- According to Small Business Trends, these involve fraudulent practices by individuals, corporations, organizations, and..

Posted:November 30, 2015

Could Sexual Harassment be a Professional Liability IssueThe issue of sexual harassment is not typically associated with professional liability insurance coverage. However, as some cases have some to surface which intertwine sexual abuse and professionalism, the question has been raised; should coverage extend to these claims under specific circumstances? In the following case, Errors and Omissions Insurance Program was required to respond to the sexual harassment claims against this professional.

As the Connecticut Supreme Court stated, “when a medically negligent procedure so inextricably intertwined and inseparable from the intentional conduct that..

Posted:November 23, 2015

Exploring the Need for Better Law Firm CybersecurityIn our recent posts, we have discussed the relevance for law firms to adopt a secure cyber security policy. Over the last few years, these threats have become significant threats to both small companies and large corporations, threatening their livelihood, reputation, and success. To protect against these exposures, a Lawyer Cyber Liability is critical.

Every law firm controls and has access to client’s confidential information. While they may not have much cash on hand, the information that can be swiped via a data..

Posted:November 18, 2015

Demand for Employee Satisfaction Calls for Updated HR SoftwareAs employment practices are constantly under scrutiny and employees demand a more satisfactory work environment, new developments have become available to promote this. Kronos Inc. has recently unveiled its pilot software for improving employee scheduling, productivity, and ultimately, employee happiness. While products like these are tested and companies work to accommodate their staff, a proper EPL Insurance Program is recommended.

With the recent uproar about retail giants using inconsistent and unfair scheduling tactics such as on-call and last minute shifts, this new..

Posted:November 16, 2015

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