Managing Inappropriate Workplace BehaviorWhile some employee conduct may be uncharacteristic of a typical workplace, not all unusual behavior is illegal. However, if the behavior causes coworkers to feel uncomfortable or creates a hostile environment, lawsuits can ensue. Therefore, it's essential for insurance agents to have a strong Employment Practices Liability Program to offer their clients and for business owners and operators to evaluate questionable complaints in the following manner:


Take Each Complaint Seriously

While some complaints may seem harmless or minor, it is critical to take each complaint seriously. Further, directors..

Posted:January 25, 2016

FLSA Settlement Agreements Coming Under Federal ScrutinyThe National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is now taking a closer look at Fair Labor Standards, and resolving cases with more scrutiny than ever before. For example, two lawsuits in particular have caused the federal courts to scrutinize cases more heavily in regards to labor practices. As these cases become more prominent in such a litigious society, employers are advised to secure their assets and practices with an Employment Practices Liability Program.

According to Lexology, not only are courts..

Posted:January 22, 2016

Combating Commercial BriberyWhile no company should promote commercial crime and bribery, laws and regulations vary by country. Therefore, some of these violations occur purely by accident but can have tremendous consequences. However, as some countries do not operate under the same laws as America is accustomed to, corporations need to determine what is considered good business practices with that nation in order to reduce Commercial Crime Liability. Here are some ways to prevent conflicts of interest when it comes to commercial crime.

Update Anti-Bribery Policy

Policies should be strict..

Posted:January 21, 2016

Legal Billing Review Technology A Cost-Effective SolutionAs many law firms are aware, there is a constant battle between saving money and not skimping on productivity and results. As we discussed in a previous article, analyzing billing practices is a key component to achieving best practices among the law sector. Now, with even more advanced technology and its results evaluated, these advancements have made for a more efficient and cost-effective business, which can limit Lawyer Professional Liability.

Mitratech CEO Jason Parkman told Inside Counsel that legal departments are often..

Posted:January 19, 2016

Preventing Infringement on Trademarks and Copyrights in Social Media Social media is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to engage with customers and promote the firm’s legal services. However, as more and more content is demanded, writers may be unaware of the potential infringement laws on copyrights and trademarks that are commonly used. In order to reduce Lawyer Professional Liability, we offer some insights into avoiding these mishaps.

Understanding Intellectual Property Laws

These copyright and trademark laws cannot be used under the fair use claim as social media advertising..

Posted:January 15, 2016

Text Messages and Litigation What Your Clients Should KnowSince text messages are rapidly becoming the most commonly used form of communication for personal and business use, it should come as no surprise that new laws are surfacing surrounding the usage of these messages in legal cases. In order to protect the firms’ operations and safeguard against potential litigation regarding text messages, a proper Directors and Officers Program should be included in the insurance portfolio.

According to Inside Counsel, under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”)..

Posted:January 13, 2016

Nonprofits Concerned Over Cyber Liability Threats Going Into 2016As cyber threats become more prominent, nonprofits are concerned about becoming the next victim. As any company that uses a computer system is eligible for being a target, Privacy and Network Liability coverage is an essential component to add to the insurance portfolio.

According to Insurance Business Magazine, any non-profit or social service organization that either has a computer network, handles confidential information, or collects and transacts with personal identifiable information is at risk of a data..

Posted:January 11, 2016

Fair Pay Act Compliance in California An EPLI LiabilityThe new Fair Pay Act seeks to reduce the inequality in pay between men and women in California. As the disparity in pay has been in existence for more than seven decades, new laws seek to remedy the unfairness. During this time of transition, it is imperative that California employers equip themselves with a sound Employment Practices Liability Program.

William B. Gould IV, former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board at Stanford law school, states “It’s much more expansive..

Posted:January 8, 2016

Privacy is Predicted to be Top Concern for Business in 2016The increase in cyber breaches has raised concern among businesses. Naturally, this development has caused a shift to move toward implementing a more adequate Privacy and Network Security Program nationwide. Let us take a closer look at how to manage the privacy concerns that are predicted to be the most eminent business risks for 2016.

As any company can be a target of cyber-attacks, each one should have a plan of action to prevent and manage these incidents. However, this..

Posted:January 6, 2016

Risk Management Tools to Utilize in the New Year A comprehensive risk management program is an essential component to any type of business. Analyzing potential risks and the likelihood for them to materialize will assist in creating effective decision making in terms of projects, financials, and security. Therefore, obtaining a Risk Management Insurance Program will ensure that these operations are protected. In order to properly identify and manage risks, consider the following recommendations.

Identifying the risks associated with the business is the first step. These can include, but are not..

Posted:January 4, 2016

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