By Drew M Smith

As fears abound about cyber security and trying to protect data, states have been passing legislation to combat hackers. Ohio recently passed a law in November over this exact problem.

The “Safe Harbor” Law is designed to cover entities that are breached. SB 220, the law associated with this provision, states that “Beginning November 2, 2018, businesses will have the ability to invoke a cyber security safe harbor provision pursuant to Ohio law (SB 220) to obtain tort-related liability protection if they suffer a data breach. Businesses can undertake..

Posted:March 11, 2019

The Most Common Professional Liability Insurance Coverage GapsThe very nature of an insurance agent or broker’s job involves managing the risks and exposures of their clients. Despite this knowledge and expertise, they often neglect their own risk management needs. However, insurance agents and brokers may be more at risk of Errors and Omissions (E&O) exposures than the clients they serve. An ever-changing insurance legislation landscape plus frequent changes in the marketplace means there is a lot of information that agents and brokers have to stay on top of. Failure to stay..

Posted:February 26, 2019

PL Risk Advisors is pleased to announce their attendance at the Professional Insurance Agency (PIA) Annual Conference at the Foxwoods Casino, in Mashantucket, CT from March 7-8. Attending the conference will be Professional Liability Brokers, Matt Culkin and Christine DeFelice. CEO Mike Smith had this to say, “Our two companies are continuously expanding our networks. PIA has been one of our best markets and we hope to keep our relationship with the various affiliates moving forward.”

The company will exhibit at booth 42 and will be raffling..

Posted:February 20, 2019

Owning a business can leave your clients open to liabilities in many different ways, and their general liability and property coverages will help cover quite a few of those liabilities. However, there’s a very specific risk associated with the services or products that a business provides that is not covered by commercial general liability insurance. Instead, Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) is necessary to address this risk.

Your business owner clients might have a lot of questions around their need for such coverage, and what exactly they’ll be covered for with this insurance. To best support them and their business you’ll..

Posted:January 31, 2019

By Drew M Smith

Below you can learn more about Healthcare Liability Insurance. We interviewed one of our Professional Liability Brokers, Mark Bradway to answer some questions on this topic.

For more information on our Healthcare Liability coverage, please click here.

Drew: What can you tell us about your position at PL Risk Advisors, Inc.?

Mark: Well, for one it is extremely rewarding. I am allotted the ability to solve peoples’ problems. Whether it is to simply place a policy in a tight window of time or amend..

Posted:January 29, 2019

By Drew M Smith

PFS Insurance Group will be hosting a presentation on Cyber Liability Business Risks at their offices in Johnstown, Colorado on January 31st. Mike Smith, CEO of Axis Insurance Services, LLC and Christine DeFelice, Professional Liability Broker for PL Risk Advisors, Inc will be presenting. Their presentation will focus on Cyber Liability Risks affecting today’s businesses and they will be sharing their insights on Cyber Liability, the trends in the industry, business concerns as well as their experiences on how to mitigate future cyber..

Posted:January 21, 2019

By Drew M Smith

PL Risk Advisors will be attending the 2019 Future PLUS Social at SPIN bar in New York City on January 17, 2019 from 6 to 9 PM. This event is a gathering of the younger members of the PLUS Foundation in effort to expand their networks and meet other members in the industry. Attending this event will be producers Christine DeFelice, Matt Culkin, and CEO Mike Smith.

“In order to keep our industry thriving, we need to continue to promote and train the young and upcoming talent,” Mike said. “Many..

Posted:January 14, 2019

By Drew Smith

New Study Reveals Privacy Concerns are Affecting Business

A new much more dangerous computer virus has revealed itself in the last few months. The virus is named Emotet and it puts everything we know about anti-virus software in the grave as it continuously finds ways around the typical protections businesses have in place.

The virus itself is a trojan virus. Much like the mythological horse, the virus is embedded by hackers in innocent looking documents such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs. Then using phishing tactics, a hacker dupes someone into opening the..

Posted:January 2, 2019

In today’s litigious society, the pressure is especially high on risk managers to anticipate areas in which professional liability may be a concern and mitigate them properly. A risk management checklist is a helpful tool in any type of project planning, but can be markedly advantageous for insurance agents who specialize in professional liability insurance coverage.

A risk management plan, at its core, is the identification, prioritization, measurement and mitigation of various risks to an organization. When developing an effective risk management plan, a risk management checklist is incredibly useful to speed up and streamline the process, allowing the agent to..

Posted:December 29, 2018

By Drew M Smith

2018 was the first year of PL Risk’s charity group, PL Risk Helping Hands. Over the course of the year, our employees participated and raised for a variety of different local and national organizations. Some of the highlights include:

  1. Raising $15,000 for the opioid addiction foundation Shatterproof, one of the largest group contributions. In addition, we participated in a charity walk in New York City.
  2. Backpacks with toys and other necessities for kids were made for children to support Operation Underground Railroad, a group dedicated to fighting human trafficking.
  3. A variety of..

Posted:December 21, 2018

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